Plugin public template files are in easy-listings-map/public/partials/ path as shown below image.

In this path there are two folders maps and google-map-render that maps folder contains single listing page map template files and google-map-render folder contains easy-listings-map google map shortcode template files, so if you want to override single listing page map you should override singular-map-content.php template file inside maps folder or if you want to override easy-listings-map google maps shortcode you should override default.php file inside google-map-render folder.

I will explain this feature by overriding easy-listings-map google maps shortcode, first I will create elm_templates folder inside my theme folder and inside this folder I will create public folder as you can see in below image.

Inside public folder I will create google-map-render folder and inside it I will copy default.php file from google-map-render folder of the plugin and paste it inside google-map-render folder of theme like below image.

Now you can change content of default.php to override template functionality in your theme for example you can remove $view_args['controller']->register_scripts() code and register your own script files to overriding map functionality by your own scripts because map will create by javascipt codes.